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Join us for the power of 21
jump rope program

are you ready to power-up your jump rope skills?

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We have prepared 21 jump rope sessions targeted at improving your speed, diversifying your skill set and improving your fitness,
all while having fun and building connections within the jump rope community. The structured and progressive nature of our program
has been our top feedback point from our Power of 21 Jumpers, so if you've found yourself going down the Instagram Reel
rabbit-hole of tutorials and need a bit of guidance, this is the program for you!

You will receive the program and accompanying video footage via email with guidelines on approximate pace,
including rest days for optimal adaptation and recovery.

Never skipped before? No worries. We cover the basics but also incorporate challenges for those with a little more skill under
their belt and while we provide a guideline on timing, you're welcome to progress through the program at your own pace. 

Select your preferred intake date through the checkout, get yourself a rope, and get ready to improve your jump rope skills this year! 

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